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This month’s top story from across Michigan comes from South Christian High School in Grand Rapids, by way of Hudsonville, where AD Kevin Wolma gives some good advice for parents.

After The Game: What Do You Say?

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By Kevin Wolma
Hudsonville Athletic Director


“I love to watch you play.” Those are the six words a son or daughter wants to hear from his or her parents after a game.

What if your child does not play? What do you say then? Parents can’t say, “I love to watch you play” when your child does not play, nor can they say other post-competition statements like: “Did you fight like a dog?”

“Did you have fun?”

It is hard to fight like a dog when not given the opportunity, and we all know players have more fun when they play in the game. When you google the phrase, “what to say after a game,” there are all sorts of articles written with some of them backed by research. However, when you google the phrase – “what to say when your kid does not play” – very little comes out of that search.


This is a hard and very sensitive area for most parents to come up with the right thing to say.

Before we talk about what to say in this situation, it may be more important to discuss what not to say after a game where your child does not play. Some of the comments all parents should avoid are:

“Why have you not played in the last three…

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